Branding Global Business Opportunities in these changing times.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a domain name, as it is your identity on the world wide web, just like where you live, it has a unique address that represents both your online presence. 

As the digital age evolves, we have seen many examples were the name representing a company or people, albeit individual, group or team, do not always have a domain name related to what they are selling or promoting. 

This is fine if you have the time and resources to grow your brand identity and eventually become associated with the brand identity you have selected and eventually get the online awareness, as the logo or name becomes known and trusted by many. 

However another way is to have a name that has a direct association with your product and or service, this helps search engines understand your website and deliver searches that rank your site sooner, costing far less in resources, giving you a faster start to build your brand identity. 

This is my main strategy as you will see from my top ten selections in my portfolio. 

Let’s dive deeper to explain in a little detail what has happened over time with domain names on the World Wide Web. 

Cost of Building your Online Identity

When choosing your online identity, most companies engage costly branding strategy specialist to come up with the new name that will revolutionize their service and or product, Here at Liston Enterprises we have carefully selected generic names that will rank highly with Google and gain rankings over competitors.

We select names that will be specific to Industry demands and can fulfill businesses that are looking to gain a strong online identity and deliver a leading presence in their product and service

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The Bigger Picture

Launched in 2014 .Global has the ability to be a great alternative to the .Com extension, as choice of names now have become very limited. Meeting the founder of .Global in Barcelona in 2018 gave the opportunity for Liston Enterprises to share its belief and strategy to create a exclusive portfolio of generic .Global domains that are specific to leading business Identities 

Our Projects crafted to make a difference

Supply and Demand and trending opportunities are key attributes to decision making for many start ups, however emotion steps in and can completely complicate a simplistic decision making decision.


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This global domain has the opportunity to head the global obesity crisis we are seeing in many countries.

Education is seriously needed to help us to understand nutrition in a way that fits our busy lives and in a simplistic way.

Fast food has become fashionable with quick online delivery solutions, along with marketing that guides you to your eating decision with feel good, comfort eating that can give long term implications to the global obesity crisis





This site represents the top selected “Global” domains that hold great potential for Industry, Product and or service