Weekly News 2

Weekly News 2

Reading an article in DN Academy it reports that www.cars.com has been valued at $872 million. This could be the dearest domain valuation to date? Although this is part due to the business and traffic generated over time.It adds further to our views about the inconsistency of domain name values! Over the next few  weeks we will be researching the platforms who value domain names, and report on the key elements associated to their valuations.

Domain Name Identity
Our expertise In finding the best domain name for your business looks at both the Identity and marketing value of the domain name, this is a vital component of your Business Strategy.
At Liston Enterprises we incubate domain names to mature in our premium portfolio as leading names to gain brand ability, identity and promote your product and or services to the very best of our ability.
If you are not able to find the domain name of your choice on our portfolio, we offer a bespoke service to source the domain to suit your requirements.

We offer a hosting service for your domain name and website. The hosting packages are renewed annually with the option to add taylored solutions thoughout your contract period.

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