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Don’t Ignore The Bigger Picture

Posted by IanL on November 24, 2018

Interesting Times, Why do people repeatedly make the same mistakes. The video on this post captures what everyone knows, but very few try to understand and change their mindset to achieve better results! Siam Kidd is a expert on crypto currencies along with being a trading expert, with a passion for silver. Watch this short video to understand why you should not follow the crowd, the comfort gained by being with the many, often produces

Carbon Footprint and the effect on Business

Posted by IanL on November 23, 2018

Category: Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint and what it means to Business Recently Liston Enterprises was invited to  Carbon Footprint workshop to help communication with this important subject to business owners, while educating how replacing old and dated equipment can produce a long term saving to the business. With all the uncertainty of Brexit and pressure on high street businesses it is very difficult to get business owners to accept the initial costs for possible equipment upgrade, and then

We should all consider this!

Posted by IanL on September 19, 2018

Looking for exceptional ability, does not always mean having a degree is relevant We have shared his interview with Elon Musk to highlight the fact some of the most inspiring innovation we have experienced has come from people who do not have a degree. So there are people out there with great abilities, but are not getting recognised because of the education requirements needed to successfully apply for some positions. Having people believe in your

UK Business owners in danger of losing .EU Domains

Posted by IanL on September 17, 2018

Category: Domain News
If your business has a .Eu website and you are based in the UK, you need to read this article regarding Brexit. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/03/29/eu_dumps_300000_ukowned_domains_into_brexit_bin/

Obesity.Global Premium Domain name

Posted by IanL on September 16, 2018

Category: Global Domains
We are delighted to add a great find to our portfolio of Global Domains with the recent purchase of obesity.global With the global challenge of obesity and educating healthier lifestyles becoming every more important we see this domain becoming associated to the forefront of the mission offering high authority in the subject As we see the education regarding what we eat highlight what is healthy it seems a slow process for our habits to change,