The Fitness Industry

The Fitness Industry Redhill Surrey Sussex

The Fitness Industry Redhill Surrey Sussex

The fitness industry is an opportunity for those looking to create their own business.

However, it comes with hurdles that seem to repeat themselves time and time again.

Ian’s experience in this sector has been an invaluable asset and lead him to work with selected fitness entrepreneurs to quickly identify their issues. Finding and developing solutions that if implemented can turn your fitness business into a real success.

The main reason many fitness businesses fail is due to lack of commerciality. Generally, those starting out in this industry are those who like doing what they do, rather than truly understanding how to run a successful business.

Liston Enterprises can introduce systems and processes that if implemented correctly can make your fitness business truly amazing. In doing so you will gain the success you are looking for, achieving your vision and goals.

Engaging others to work in your business, must come with the understanding that they share your aims and ambition to make your business a successful business.

Often, we see people with more intent in promoting their own identity, rather than engaging and fully supporting the values of the business they are trying to build.

Our Business development program offers bespoke solutions to the fitness industry with our tailored workshops aimed specifically at owner/managers.

We work with those who have the determination to deliver the vision they desire.

Driven by making an identity in the fitness industry with a vision and strategy, creating game changing solutions to improve industry standards.

We have compiled a workshop that is specifically designed for the fitness industry.

If you want to succeed then this workshop is for you.

The Fitness Industry Redhill Surrey Sussex

One of the most important things to consider when starting out in this industry is "How to draw your ideal clients"

  • We know the pain you can go through to get customers and scale your business

  • We give you valuable insights on how to develop your business by creating successful strategies to get customers into your fitness business

We take you through the key considerations of starting your own business in the Fitness Industry. You will also be given the fundamentals to make YOUR business a great success!

Key points you must consider!

  • Why are there such an alarming rate of start-up failures
  • How to be different from and beat your competitors
  • Learn what the most valuable asset you have is
  • How much effort you need to put in to survive

Who is this workshop is for?

  • Anyone who is struggling to build a business in the fitness industry
  • Personal trainers starting out and needing to attract customers
  • Those looking for guidance and direction in the Fitness Industry
  • Anyone looking to scale their fitness business.

Is it your vision to be identified as an industry leader in fitness. We will help you turn that vision into reality!

Everything we do is targeted towards you having a great business. Our resources are tailored to your specific requirements and if implemented, will give you the tools to deliver a truly amazing business.

Your journey starts now! If you are seriously committed to building a successful thriving Fitness Business. We will give the commitment right back to you to deliver it!

The Fitness Industry Redhill Surrey Sussex
The Fitness Industry Redhill Surrey Sussex
The Fitness Industry Redhill Surrey Sussex