Subscription Plan

Subscription Plan

Subscription Plan

Owning a business can be very challenging especially in the first year. You start with the passion and enthusiasm to sell and promote your expertise or product, but soon realise there are some things you don’t understand and have never really considered.

We have developed a subscription service for business owners to help overcome some of the challenges you experience in business. Our service gives you the support and piece of mind to have someone you can communicate with to find solutions and keep you on track.

Its easy to get distracted from what you are trying to achieve, that's why you need our wealth of experience to be there when needed, We monitor and measure your success, educate on the things you don’t understand and keep you up to date on future developments. All this is managed and shared in a monthly coaching call to get your business where it need to be.

You are good at what you do but need help to run your business and maximize opportunities? This is not unusual and sometime it can be lonely and daunting to get though some of the challenges you have or will experience, that’s why we are with you every step of your journey to share our experience of over 30 years in business and provide solutions to help

How does it work?

We book a discovery call with you and get to know you and your business, this generally takes 1 hour to look at what you have done, what you are trying to achieve and any problems you are trying to overcome.

We will send you a pre consultation questionnaire and if you have a business plan that would be needed to understand your goals and objectives

The call is made to make a joint agreement to get your business where it needs to be and commit to a timeline to keep it on track and measure your success.

Monthly coaching calls for 30 minutes are planned to share updates with a committed time and date to ensure your business maintains its development and achieves success.

Email support is offered between your monthly coaching calls to answer any problems you may have.

Access to closed face-book group is offered

How Much Does it Cost?

Initial joining fee is £150 including Vat

Monthly Subscription £97 including Vat

There is a 6 month minimum term, after this your subscription is renewed on a monthly basis.

Who is it for?

Anyone starting a business

Anyone in business but is looking for support in running their business.