Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Small Business Consultants Coaching and Mentoring Redhill Surrey and Sussex.

I offer a range of coaching and mentoring programmes that can be tailored to work alongside you your strategy. 

The focus is on the results you want to achieve, having someone to be sounding board is a great asset and just what I offer at Liston Enterprises. First of all I will keep you on track and ensure you monitor and measure your improvements. You will also need to demonstrate  your effectiveness in working to a disciplined structure to deliver your goals.

Setting a Vision and Strategy is important. So many businesses owners don’t bother to share this with others in the workplace. Its so important and you will be amazed how it can influence others. It energises all your staff to work towards your objectives. Creating clarity for everyone around you to know what is needed to make the business successful.

As a result of taking action and implementing your strategy and as a consequence of sharing  with others. You will create a unified business and therefore engage others to come with you on this amazing journey.

Be a Leader

Be a LEADER and lead from the Front. Whether you are a entrepreneur or responsible for a organisation you need to lead! Because of human nature a majority of us need to be led to complete a task successfully.

I will be your support system to help you get your house in order and everyone on the same page.

Working with me gives you the opportunity to pause, reflect and regroup. So as a result, you can stay focused on perfecting your ability as a leader and influence your organisation.

This service is particularly good for entrepreneurs and business owners who have between 1 and 10 employees and are the sole decision maker in the organisation.

Call Now

This can help you, give me a call now. Let’s talk  to see how I can help you and your business. Call 01737 242 122 and the office will deal with your enquiry get your appointment booked in the diary. Or email us through our contact page here.

Small Business Consultants Coaching and Mentoring Redhill Surrey and Sussex