Crypto Currency

Crypto Currency Surrey Sussex

Crypto Currency Surrey Sussex

Crypto currency Is it here to stay?

Crypto Currency Surrey Sussex

We are now starting to see businesses such as plumbing and other building trades offer the bitcoin as a payment method.

This can only enhance the survival of the bit coin and other crypto currencies. Remember the early days of the Internet when most were sceptical about its presence, now its part of our lives.

The issues with change of any sort, is that most of us don’t like it, this is further complicated with crypto currencies because most of us don’t understand it.

Having no regulator involved such as the normal banking system we are used to, makes it difficult to control and it has the potential to un-stabilize any economy if enough people got involved.

Ripple known as an alternative coin is working with banks to give them an understanding and potential benefits, not just of the currencies but more importantly the coded language it uses called blockchain.

Blockchain is fast becoming recognised as the new kid on the block, with the volatility of the crypto currency prices, blockchain is gaining recognition in both this and other uses for encrypted data.

Watch this space as Liston Enterprises follows this fast moving and exciting subject.

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