Workshop 1 Planning Your Business Journey

Workshop 1

Planning Your Business Journey

Vision and Strategy

The biggest question you need to consider!

What is your vision?

What are you looking to achieve?

Planning is vital!


On and offline considerations

Choosing your domain name

What is the best for your niche?

Has your chosen domain name been owned before?

Domain age relevance and why!

Copyright issues

Who has the rights?

So you have chosen you domain, but where do you host it?

UK v Global identity

What is offered by Liston Enterprises

What you need to consider


UK Based English speaking support

How to manage email

Options available

Cloud based solutions

Microsoft office and why you might need it!

Anti virus


This course is a must for those starting out, we get you thinking as a business owner, creativity, vision and the end result? Where you want to be.
Want an internet presence, want to build your dream, want to build your confidence?
Book now we are truly excited what this day's event can offer and get you on your way.
Look at our events listing to book your place and enjoy this amazing journey.
We have the knowledge and passion, do you have the desire? If so book now.

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Planning Your Business Journey

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