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Business Planning

With over 30 years experience in retail, service and finance at your disposal.

Our financial experience is here for you to help you put together a well considered business plan.

Business plans to help raise money

For businesses looking to raise funding a good business plan is crucial you need to attract the investors interest and communicate a clear and creditable reason why they should invest in you! Private Investors, venture capital, loans and banks all need a document to represent you and your company that will convince them as to why they should invest in you.  .

Start writing your business plan with our template?

Starting to write your business plan can seem over whelming, but once you start it can be exciting as you share your vision and goals in a document, don't worry if you find some sections difficult to understand, start with the easy sections, if you put something in the wrong section, no problem it can always be altered. Take action and start today, the more you practice the better you become in communicating with others about the your goals and objectives

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Key considerations :-

  • Executive Summary;
  • Description of product or services;
  • Market opportunity
  • Competitive differentiation;
  • Ownership structure and growth strategy;
  • Financial projections;
  • Researching competitors, customers and the market;
  • Funding requirements (if any).

Keep your business plan under review

As your business evolves you will see the highs and lows of what you set out to achieve.

Your business plan becomes a great measuring tool to understand if you achieved your goals or what you to change n order to get better results

If you need any help with getting started just give us a call and we will help. remember you are good at what you do and some of the requirements of running a business need experience to understand the requirements.

That's why we are here for you to get you on track, as we work together you get understand planning, accounting, marketing and many other  aspect of business 

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