Carbon Footprint and the effect on Business

Carbon Footprint and what it means to Business

Recently Liston Enterprises was invited to  Carbon Footprint workshop to help communication with this important subject to business owners, while educating how replacing old and dated equipment can produce a long term saving to the business.

With all the uncertainty of Brexit and pressure on high street businesses it is very difficult to get business owners to accept the initial costs for possible equipment upgrade, and then wait of the payback to be achieved.

However some of the case studies we shared highlighted the payback could be achieved in a matter of months, however with the pressure on cash-flow many businesses are still not able to make the up front purchase required.

This is something Liston Enterprises is working on and wants to provide a solution, over the next few weeks we will be meeting regional grant providers and funding organisations to try and provide funding models to how overcome and give business owners the ability to achieve these fantastic savings while helping create a better environment.

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